And now for something completely different, we have taken a different slant on a challenge badge.

After a century of Guiding we started thinking about time, and being late and then the White Rabbit came to mind. It was then we decided that our theme for camp this year would be Alice in Wonderland and we have come up with so many interesting and fun ideas for the camp that we couldn’t fit them into our timetable, and a lot of them were not so easy to do at camp as opposed to a guide meeting.

We then thought that our girls not attending Camp could also enjoy the learning and fun that we have managed to get out of this wonderful book and also achieve this challenge badge at the same time, we then realised that as we have enjoyed so many other challenges in the past few years we would give back; by creating a fun badge with quirky differences and yet still enough learning.

The different sections of the badge are grouped by ideas from the book; how can the girls be creative, learn about time, being sociable, happy and how things can be altered.

This timeless classic is still a favourite for the girls and you can let your imagination run wild with a few of these challenges or maybe use these ideas as inspiration to develop others and feel free to put your own parameters on how many challenges you do with the girls before you allow them to have the badge.

Opposite is an image of the actual badge that you will receive. It measures approximately 85mm x 65mm and from the feedback we have been getting it is loved by both adult leaders and the girls. So make sure you order enough . . . download the badge order form here.

Please note that we are unable to refund unused badges where the returned amount of badges is less than 20.

Below are downloads of the challenge and various useful information that you will need to print out . . . don't forget to order your badges early so that we can get them to you in time.

Wonderland Challenge
Wonderland Challenge – Badge Order Form
Wonderland Challenge – Tracking Log
Wonderland Challenge – Lost in the Maze – Word Search – Under 7's
Wonderland Challenge – Lost in the Maze – Word Search – Under 7's – Answers
Wonderland Challenge – Lost in the Maze – Word Search – Over 7's
Wonderland Challenge – Lost in the Maze – Word Search – Over 7's – Answers

We have added a Tracking sheet (on a separate tab) for your use, as a way of monitoring what each girl has achieved.

"To earn your Wonderland Challenge badge, Rainbows need to complete 5 tasks one from each section, Brownies, 8 tasks; one from each section and 3 more, and Guides and above need to complete 10 tasks."

We really hope you and the girls like the badge and have as much fun with the ideas as we have.

Don't forget to take a look at some of our 'Extra Ideas' . . . and in case you are doing this challenge over the Winter Months take a look at our 'Winter Wonderland' ideas.